Friday, May 10, 2013

The Orange Line

I am very pleased to announce the publication of The Orange Line, A Woman's Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life.  Here's the review I wrote for it:

I am confident that when people look back a decade from now they will view publication of The Orange Line as a watershed event.  In the book, authors Jodi Detjen, Michelle Waters, and Kelly Watson challenge women to confront assumptions they have that surround and limit their personal and professional lives.  While the authors issue this challenge with empathy and caring, they never lose sight of its underlying message: The power of change lies within.  The authors' advice is not easy, and their book has no place for self-pity or excuses for blaming "the system."  Indeed, it may create some discomfort for some women as they internalize its messages. But The Orange Line gives hope to all of us who believe that women's integration of work and family is the key to a successful society.

Here's my neighbor and friend Jodi showing off the recently arrived book on a perfect spring day in front of a beautifully flowering apple tree!


Nancy Thomas said...

How refreshing! I'm an immediate fan. Spent a career "leaning in" and there were sacrifices I know see as too great to have made for the outcomes. As my daughters go out into the world and do their fare share of climbing the ladder, I find my words are "balance", "moderation", and getting to know who they really are, and what their importance is for their own lives. Then follow that orange line - yes! can do it, too....(but there will always be somewhat different paths).

Jodi Detjen said...

Nancy - we agree! It's all about figuring out our paths so we can live our life to its fullest. Too often we are advised to follow others when in fact, it's about following ourselves. But it also requires us to get out of our own way. We can't sacrifice our passions though - too often women sacrifice that which is core. A full life means 'me' is still integral.