Monday, September 23, 2013

No more visitors at Contra Costa

Check out this note from Anna Roth, Chief Executive Officer, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center.

I’m excited to tell our staff and Contra Costa County residents that Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC) is eliminating the concept of visitors in our medical center and health delivery system. On September 17th, 2013, CCRMC will remain accessible 24 hours a day to family and loved-ones of those receiving care in the medical center.

Recognizing that family and loved-one presence supports safe and high quality care, we have worked over the last year to replace our “visitor policy” with this Welcoming Policy. Though we have carefully planned the introduction of this change, we remain open to ideas to enhance and improve our Welcoming Policy and will place it and all supporting documents on the CCRMC web page for your review, comments and suggestions for improvement.

And, then an update a few days later.  A learning organization at work!

We started on September 17, 2013 at 8:30pm. Our first night we welcomed 13 family members/care partners (and a pizza delivery person who brought pizza to a hungry family member). The second night we welcomed 18 family members/care partners and the third night we welcomed 15. That totals of 46 family members/care partners that had the opportunity to participate in the care of their loved one. It also means that we at CCRMC had 46 opportunities to learn from family members and loved ones about how improve the care we deliver and how to improve our Welcoming Policy.

Each night the team learned, modified and improved the steps of the process to better support the family members/care partners. Most of the challenges faced by the testing team on the first night were related to logistics of the process - small details really matter! For example, we had some challenges with language barriers. We have modified our signs and are testing use of the health care interpreter video machines (HCIN) at check in. Timely updates are given to the Nurse Program Managers who have been present at night to support the staff and address any concerns they may have. The manager for Admission and Registration also worked on the night shift to support the staff. The security staff have been fully engaged and critical in the implementation as well. We have conducted huddles daily to support rapid improvements of our process and support the staff and our community in this exciting change. 

Bravo to all!

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