Saturday, September 07, 2013

There goes the random walk hypothesis!

My daughter recently mapped the path of her one-year-old son shortly after he learned to walk.  Here it is:


wrinkledman said...

So I guess the stock market is predictable!

e-Patient Dave said...

1. What am I missing? How does this deflate the random walk hypothesis?

2. Is this diagram symbolic or did she actually map him somehow, with some Toddler Follower gadget?

3. What was at End?

4. Is his nickname Roomba?

Paul Levy said...

1-Random walk suggests you end up where you started.

2-She mapped him by watching him and keeping track with a pencil on paper. The old fashioned way.

3-The End was just the Beginning of the next round.

4-I'll suggest that.

Anonymous said...

Good thing there's no 'toddler follower gadget' or Dave's granddaughter would be fitted with one ASAP!