Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You judge. What's the right call?

Here's a video of a soccer game in which a Brazilian physiotherapist steps on the field and saves a goal from being scored--and then hightails it for a quick escape.

A question for you aficionados:  What's the correct call for the referee? Who gets the red card?

Answer from my colleague John: "The referee on the pitch got it right. Not much can be done when an outside agent interferes."

In our games, though, the outside agent is usually a dog running across the field.


Unknown said...

As always Paul, great post.

Your colleague John is absolutely correct, as is the referee that no send off is appropriate for the trainer.

This comes from Law 5, regarding a team official who is not conducting themselves properly. These folks are "expelled", not sent off as players are.

Further, the referee has the duty (again from Law 5) to ensure no unauthorized persons enter the field of play. Clearly the physio was such an unauthorized person.

So while the referee did get it right, why was the physio allowed to stand on the post of an opponents goal during the match? There were kick boards that he should have been behind.

Further, and ironically, the referee would have had to SEND OFF any player or substitute who actually was able to catch up to the physio and likely conduct themselves inappropriately. Lets face it the physio was literally running for their life.

So I agree while a send off was not appropriate, and the referee got the decision right, for me, that ounce of prevention in getting the physio behind the kick boards, would have saved a ton of hassle.

Either way, I don't think we will see that physio again for a while as he is likely serving a hefty suspension.

Just as a post script, even though the ball would have gone in had the physio not stopped it, there can be no goal awarded as it never actually crossed the goal line between the posts and under the crossbar.

Janice said...

Chastised by my 11-year old for laughing. He says the enraged fans will not see humor, and the fellow puts himself in danger. Clearly, for all my years watching kids play, I still don't know the rules!