Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Invitation to a Dialogue

Please join me over at the New York Times for "Invitiation to a Dialogue."  They have published a letter to the editor from me entitled "When Doctors Slip Up."

They say:

We invite readers to respond briefly by Thursday for the Sunday Dialogue. We plan to publish responses and a rejoinder in the Sunday Review. E-mail: letters@nytimes.com

Here's your chance to disagree with me in front of the whole world!


Brad F said...

I am curious, and perhaps you can help us all learn on a bit on how big league papers operate. Of course, the NYT being the mac daddy and all.

Coveted space, the commentary section being, so how did you place your letter? Random solicitation? NYT reached out to you and asked for a prompt on the subject you cover?


Paul Levy said...

They did reach out to me, Brad, and we discussed what topics might be of broad interest to their readers.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the responses.