Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Secret shopper program needed here

My friend Jacob reports on Facebook about a call with CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield (in Maryland):
Me: I don't have that information, can you please call me back in 10 minutes and I will find out?
BCBS: This is a call center, we do not have the ability to call you back.
Me: Then why did you ask me for my phone number at the beginning of the call?
BCBS: That is in case we get disconnected, we can call you back.
A friend inquires: And what was your reply?
Me: I said the connection was bad and asked if they could call back...and they did!

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Nancy Thomas said...

In RI they are also not allowed to accept email - and you cannot go IN to their office to meet with them - only to the customer service desk in the lobby. Really? No email? Ahh...put nothing in writing...nothing...