Saturday, October 05, 2013

What's a synonym for hypocrite?

Randy Neugebauer.

Watch this clip from NBC, where the Congressman from Texas berates a Park Ranger who--because of the federal government shutdown--has been directed to prohibit people's entry to the World War II memorial in Washington, DC.


Nadeem said...

I am in the UK and I remain amazed, perplexed, entertained and disappointed with US politics. I took my children to NYC and DC to show them what a nation of innovators and thinkers can achieve. But I would be worried that they might one day want to make the US their home.

The US spends billions on the war against terror. Lives have indeed been lost. But US politics has been taken over by a small but critically damaging group of fundamentalists who, because of boundary redrawing, will never risk their seats to the will of the people. They are wreaking more damage to more lives then Bin Laden ever did - just count the bodies on each side with the gun lobby being one of many lobby organisations that now have a greater influence then the democratic vote. Your democratically elected fundamentalists use the Constitution to defend their dogma but ignore it when it suits; a behaviour common to religious zealots. Your constitution is seemingly a divine document that is seemingly as pure as the spiritual texts of any religion - the amendments and ability to amend must be a human aberration.

From across the pond, the behaviour of the GOP representatives is laughably immature but worryingly scary. These are the people that determine the law of the land. Who said we learn from history - the veneer of civilisation, never mind democracy, is thin, but seemingly worn through in your Congress.

I will continue to be a reluctant 'Americanophile' but your nation's journey is not divinely determined - it is in the hands of its leaders. And if your democracy is broken, then so will be your nation. I hope my grandchildren, if I am fortunate to have the pleasure, aren't left wondering how quickly a once great nation can diminish.

SY said...

I saw this clip and, like you, I was appalled. I'm not sure if you saw this piece by Timothy Egan in last week's New York Times (, but it speaks well to the same type of behavior we now see in DC.

Anonymous said...

The problem in the US is the campaign finance "laws" that let the richest control the politics.

This precedence in "law" is because of a very deep-seated loathing of the American people and mistrust by the founders that their land and wealth would be appropriated by a true mass democracy. This is the root of the problem here.

The campaign finance "laws" and other constitutional institutions like the senate itself, senate rules, committee rules, and the private ownership and control of media, all contribute to this Kabuki Democracy.

These features of this constitution never discussed actually encode a Plutocracy here not a Democracy. But, they get to call it democracy because they stage a semblance of elections here from time to time.But, they choose and pay the candidates and tell them what to say. They are merely horse races with 2 sides baited on all the issues carefully collected by pollsters.

The solution is simple. We have to amend the constitution to make it truly a democracy, not a Plutocracy here.

Paul said...

Why does the word "cynical" come to my mind? The senator sets a fine example of leadership, courage,integrity and - oh, I almost forgot - authenticity for the next generation of leaders. Just kidding …

I don't think he ever heard of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

(Assistant Scout Master and father of a soon to be Eagle Scout)