Monday, March 17, 2014

A new way to get spammed

Just what we needed, getting advertisements as text messages on our cell phones.  It's one thing for the cell company to try to sell you an enhanced service plan or something like that.  It's another to try to sell you a music album.

At least they don't charge you extra to be bothered.


Janice Lynch Schuster said...

From Facebook:

You should see my recent cell bill--it is a video from AT&T, of MY OWN BILL.

Facebook friends said...

More from Facebook:

Patricia L. Hale: I find this very annoying and if I can't prevent it altogether would want it to be highly targeted!

Mohammad Kashif Sheikh: Are you saying you don't want shakira's new album?

Juliana Osborne: It is very annoying asking to buy an item while paying the phone bill. I got annoyed too!!!

@TMobilehelp said...

From Twitter:

Hey there, you can opt out of these types of messages on our site:

Anonymous said...

To @tmobilehelp: Why should I have to opt out? I never opted in, so why should that be the default? And, why don't you have that link in your ad-text?