Friday, March 21, 2014

Help Alex go back to the craftsmanship of printing

Our buddy, Alex Green, the owner of a great independent book store in Waltham, MA, is asking for help with an Indiegogo project.  Please take a look!

He writes:

Helping an indie-bookshop owner step into the future by taking a step into the past...

Hello, my name is Alex Green.  I own a small, independent bookstore just outside of Boston.  For over five years, I've published authors the oldest way it can be done, using letterpress machines and lead letter type.  I've worked with Pulitzer Prize winners and even a Nobel Laureate, using this five hundred year old art to create beautiful prints of their works, but the catch is, I don't have my own equipment.  I could use your support to change that fact, purchase a press, and even open up to the public for classes!

Here's the video:


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Gram said...

Try GoFundMe. It has helped many people with various projects.