Friday, March 14, 2014

Seeing America, the old way

Lee Crites has recently begun a nine month journey walking across America.  When his three daughters asked why, he gave ten reasons:

10. I want to go back to San Francisco and I'm tired of driving.
9. I need to lose 20 pounds.
8. There are millions of great people out there and I want to meet some of them where they live.
7. "A virtue to cover a multitude of sins" - Horace Kephart
6. My comfort zone has gotten too comfortable.
5. Walking is good medicine.
4. I have helped a lot of patients relearn how to walk in my physical therapist assisting role. Not all have been successful. I walk for those who cannot.
3. To remind my children that outrageous adventure can happen at any age.
2. I need to face my fears.
1. I want to form my own opinions of what America has become.

You can read his American Discovery Trail Journal here

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Lance Anderson said...

Hi Paul, I am so inspired after reading this one. You have a very nice points. Walking is medicine, that's what I like the most. Keep inspiring!