Wednesday, December 10, 2014

HealthNewsReview lives on!

Many of us are extremely pleased to hear that Gary Schwitzer and his colleagues at HealthNewsReview have received a major grant from the the Laura and John Arnold Foundation:

Stuart Buck, JD, PhD, the Vice President of Research Integrity for the Arnold Foundation, said:
“With a ‘publish or perish’ mentality, researchers are incentivized to produce findings that are striking enough to grab headlines and citations, even though such findings may be exaggerated. News organizations often pass along such findings uncritically, without carefully considering how a study was conducted and whether the results are based on accurate science. We are pleased to provide funding so that Gary Schwitzer and his team can help the media to evaluate medical studies and press releases with a skeptical eye.”
Among other things, the grant will permit Gary and friends to:

Add new systematic reviews of health care news releases (from sources including medical journals, drug/device manufacturers, academic medical centers). This is the most important new feature made possible by the new grant, allowing us to critique news releases that are often the faucets that turn on health news. 

HNR is one of those examples of social media that validate the medium, offering unvarnished reviews of claims in a field where unverified claims are commonplace.  This grant is a terrific contribution to the public good.  


nonlocal MD said...

Hear, hear. Unbiased reviews of this sort are hard to find, as many of your previous posts pointing out hidden conflicts of interest have demonstrated. HNR is providing an invaluable service and I am glad someone has funded it as such.

Unknown said...

Great news!

This is one of the most important services I know to help people learn how to properly assess health news and become independent thinkers on issues related to health.

Major kudos to the Laura and John Arnold Foundation