Monday, December 29, 2014

Tea Time with The Toast Dude Webinar

Bruce Hamilton is one of my Lean heroes, and we have used his Toast Kaizen video with audiences around the world.  Now, his host organization, GBMP, is offering a series of free webinars.  These are bound to be good.  Here's the announcement:

Free Monthly Webinars by Bruce Hamilton, aka "The Toast Dude," Kick off in January with "War Rooms & Obeyas"

GBMP, Inc. is a non-profit provider of continuous improvement training, dedicated to helping organizations become more competitive through lean manufacturing education and implementation. Each year GBMP trains more than 7000 people on continuous improvement principles through classroom and shop floor training sessions, and impacts thousands more in public workshops, on plant tours, during its annual 2-day Lean Conference and through its award-winning Lean Training videos and instructional games.

And now, GBMP is expanding its ability to reach those who are passionate about Lean and Continuous Improvement through its series of free monthly webinars. Our Tea Time with The Toast Dude Webinars are presented on the second Tuesday of each month by Bruce Hamilton, President of GBMP. Bruce is considered by many to be one of the foremost thought leaders on Lean and The Toyota Production System in the United States today. He is the producer and star of the #1 Lean Selling Lean Training DVD in the world, " Toast Kaizen - An Introduction to Continuous Improvement & Lean Principles", co-author of learn-and-do lean training workbook "The E2 Continuous Improvement System", and a three time Shingo Award recipient. In addition to being known as The Toast Dude, he is sometimes called That Old Lean Dude - which gave rise to his blog "Old Lean Dude" - which now boasts over 150 original posts and more than 1000 followers.

The first webinar (did we mention, they are free?) of 2015, titled "War Rooms & Obeyas", will take place on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 3 PM (Eastern). The webinar will discuss how many companies struggle with cross-functional collaboration in the pursuit of complex objectives and how War Rooms and Obeyas are used to align resources and maintain project focus for faster, more robust outcomes. Those who are passionate about Lean - from executive management to change agents working the front lines  - from the manufacturing, government, healthcare and service sectors - are encouraged to participate each month, and even suggest topics for future events, and every event includes 15-minutes for Q&A with Bruce, in real-time. 

To register for January's webinar, please visit and click on Events or click here.

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cerebral e said...

This looks like a great resource. (Although unfortunately my time zone is 12 hours head!) Lean thinking is hard to find in healthcare.

PS thanks for linking to Palliverse in your blog roll.