Tuesday, December 30, 2014

IPI helps inform patients

There are so many well intentioned people working to improve patient care from "the outside," often focused on creating true clinician-patient-family partnerships.  I have to admire their dedication and tenacity, often in the face of passive resistance from those on "the inside."  Here's hoping they stick to it and have more and more influence over time.

Carol Cronin is one such person.  She runs the Informed Patient Institute. IPI rates the usefulness of online doctor, hospital, and nursing home report cards. "We don't rate individual health facilities or practitioners — but we'll tell you who does."

In addition, they have recently released a sixth set of tip sheets on "what to do if you have a concern about quality in a nursing home, hospital or doctor's office."  It's available in California, Connecticut, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

I am confident we can look for more to come from Carol and her team.

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