Monday, November 23, 2015

Ancient grains are not just old plants!

Just in time for Thanksgiving preparation, I ran into Maria Speck the other day, and we started talking about ancient grains.  She published her second cookbook on the topic a few months ago, and I've now had a chance to look through it.

Beyond some really beautiful pictures by Erin Kunkel, there's lots to view in this compendium.  Of course there's background information from amaranth to wild rice, with stops along the way for freekeh, millet, sorghum, and more.  We learn, too about the absorption method of cooking, contrasted with the pasta method and others.  Should we rinse?  Soak? Toast?  How do we know when it's done?  There are handy charts with cooking times, so we can be more secure about planning ahead.

And then, of course, the recipes. By the dozen, in all kinds of categories.

This encyclopedia is a joy to read.  I'm looking forward to sampling its contents.

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