Monday, November 23, 2015

"They really need to know"

In her day job, Susan Hackley is chief administrative and financial officer for the Harvard Program on Negotiation, but her prior experience in a variety of public policy and other positions offers her a crisp view on many issues facing the country and the world.  She decided to devote her observational skills to a new project, "A Child's Guide to War," when she realized that for American children aged 13 and younger, we have been at war their entire lives.

As noted:

A Child’s Guide to War is a documentary film project that is helping to bridge the civilian–military divide in the United States.

A wide gulf exists in America between those who have served in the military and their families and those who haven’t. While respect for the military is high, real knowledge is not.

Through the film, a public television program, teaching materials and public meetings we are hosting, we will help Americans better understand the role of the military in our democracy and the role of civilians in understanding, respecting and appreciating the service of those who solemnly swear to protect our country.

This is a work in progress, but you can see some tidbits in this short video produced in Indiana, where Susan and crew interviewed children whose mom or dad has been to war and asked: "What is it like?"  "What do you worry about?"  "What makes you proud?"

There's something compelling about the straightforward answers given by these children.

"My dad's not a killer."

"I just put my thoughts aside."

"They really need to know."

 Take a look and, if you feel moved, please support this effort.

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stacey said...

Not just for kids. A friend of mine retired from the AF after 20 years in the Intel field. So, more of an armchair warrior. Desk job. Tight deadlines, all hours, high clearance. Master's degree... Worked in an office, was a manager/supervisor etc... Interviewed for a clerical position at a museum and the idiot interviewing said, well, you have been in the military for 20 years, so you have never really had a job. (they presume everyone is just camping and shooting for 20 years I guess)