Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kudos to Globe photographers

I was struck today, as I have been many times, by the excellence of the Boston Globe photographers. A particularly beautiful photo today, by David L. Ryan, is of sailboats and is on the front page of the Metro section. (Sorry, I couldn't find it on the electronic version of the paper. I wonder why it wasn't included.) David is one of several terrific photographers with the newspaper, and we are lucky to have them locally and also fortunate that the Globe editors are able to allocate sufficient space to properly present their work.


The Imp ;-) said...

I personally do not know how the Globe runs their business model, but too many of the papers nowadays use free-lancers for the photographs that they print.

The plus-side of this is that the free-lance photographer continues to own their work, and can sell it as stock-photography, assuming that they have the appropriate model and / or location releases, where required by law. If an image is used for news and / or editorial, it's my understanding that a release is not required.

If a photographer is employed directly by the paper, then the corporate entity owns the rights to any images produced; in this way you get some of the great image collections, such as Life Magazine, etc.

Up here north of the border, the rules are slightly different, but intellectual property is a tricky maze at the best of times, no matter where you are.

I'll keep an eye out for the Globe's work in the future; I always appreciate a powerful image.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Ryan and others are employees of the paper.