Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BlackBerry, Nokia, IPOD, and the RMV

The final paragraph in an email from a faculty member -- who suspected I would notice the tag line on her message: Sent from my Nokia Handheld with BlackBerry Connect -- remembering how I kicked the BlackBerry habit -- and also knowing that I believe it is rude to use one during a meeting:

BTW, if you are wondering about the Blackberry usage, I'm not doing it surreptitiously, or not so surreptitiously at a meeting. Rather, I'm at the registry of motor vehicles, where I am waiting interminably for my daughter to have her picture taken for her newly acquired driver license. After 30 minutes of chit-chat with her, she pulled out her IPOD and I pulled out my Blackberry. There are some uses for this device that are not entirely related to addictive/anti-social behavior :-).

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