Monday, April 09, 2007

Opening Day items

Two items that are frivolous and/or beyond understanding for those of you who are not part of Red Sox Nation.

Item 1:
Starting this week, we and our favorite baseball team have a new program called Red Sox Babies. From now on, whenever a baby is delivered here at BIDMC, the family will receive a baby cap and a canvas bag with our logo and the Red Sox logo. In addition, the newborn will get a certificate for a free tour for four of Fenway Park upon the fifth birthday of the child. (Addendum: Here is a great story about this in the Herald.)

Item 2 -- A note from Cyndi, one of our nurses:
Hi Paul,
You will love this.....
We are doing a surgical procedure on a nice mom today who has two children in the waiting room. Their names are Mary and Peter. Peter was wearing a Jeter YANKEES shirt..... I made him a sign that says "While my mom is in the hospital I will root for the Red Sox".


Anonymous said...

From a member of our neonatology faculty who has different team loyalties:

"I want to express my concern regarding the Red Sox Babies program. Do we really want to trying to make all babies born at our hospital into Red Sox fans? Shouldn't we at least let the families have a choice? Or better yet, the babies? We could put a Yankees hat and a Red Sox hat in front of each baby, and let them decide.

"If not, I do worry that we'll start having worse long-term outcomes in terms of childhood depression and maladjustment."

Anonymous said...

OK, I will take the bait on this one. Must BIDMC commercialize the birth of a baby by product placements and co-branding? And what better start for any infant girl in the US than to be surrounded by glorification of male athletes? While you’re at it, maybe you can throw in a copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition too. There’s enough big business in medicine without having to bring in the big business of baseball. Glad my daughter was born at BIDMC before this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I respect that, but this is meant to be just plain fun for local families, who tend to enjoy Red Sox-related stuff. We are not trying to encourage more people to have their babies at BIDMC. We deliver 5000 a year now, which is the limit of our space and staff.

However, to your point, if the family doesn't want it, they can turn it down.

Labor Nurse, CNM said...

I hope that this little one you pictured isn't giving us an ominous sign of the season.

Anonymous said...

The picture was taken before today's game!

Anonymous said...

Lighten up, Anon 8.39!! As a transplant from another country, where I rooted for an entirely different sporting team, the Red Sox camaraderie and spirit around the city is wonderful. Sometimes, it's nice to let people just have a good time with something fun.

Anonymous said...

I plan to deliver sometime in May at BIDMC, and I'm thrilled with the new Red Sox Babies program! It is fun, and I don't see anything wrong with offering something nice to a new baby. My first child was born just over 5 years ago at BIDMC, and I'd love to take him to Fenway Park for a tour - he has asked on multiple occasions. I'll have to figure out how to do this for him, but at least the next baby will be able to get a tour with the new program! I work at BIDMC and am happy that our connection with the Red Sox has been extended. Thanks, Paul. This is one thing that makes working at BIDMC fun - it adds to employee morale.

[And what's more, we're buying our new furniture at Jordan's hoping that the Red Sox will win the World Series. Either way, Jordan's provides high quality service and products, but it would be a win-win if the Red Sox win and all the furniture is free. This special offer is only available through Patriot's Day. Now there's some smart marketing!]

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! You've helped to secure a long term relationship with the families and babies born at the hospital. Thank you for sharing your ideas - you're a true trailblazer!