Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is there anyone out there from {AK, KS} SD, or {WV}?

In my license plate game below, I am only missing visitors from Alaska, Kansas, South Dakota, and West Virginia to round out all 50 states and DC. {Update on 4/21: Only South Dakota is now missing!} {Update on May 4: South Dakota has been found!}

Please submit a comment if you are from one of these states so I can end this madness . . .

and instead focus on getting visitors from all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns (90 of those as of today.)


JoshMD said...

Hi, I'm from KS and I'm happy to help you fill in a state.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and especially like your new "ask a CEO" section.

I'd like to know what role you think consumerism will play in the coming years. Is consumerism a good thing or bad thing for HC?

Christian Sinclair said...

Kansas here. I thought for sure you would of had KS by now. Oh well. Now you have it.

Shawnee, KS - suburb outside of Kansas City (MO/KS)

Christian Sinclair

Pallimed: A Hospice & Palliative Care Blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Christian. Now we have two!

Josh, I'll get back to you on that topic.

Bob Coffield said...

West Virginia? Paul, we should have been off the list long ago. I remember the days when your blog only had 2 Bloglines RSS readers (now 78). Although we are last in a lot of categories -- not this time. Mark WV off based on this and prior comments. Have a great Friday!

Anonymous said...

Right (of course)!