Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bravo, Rafael

A note from our chief of General Medicine about a member of his faculty:

I write to share the wonderful news that Rafael Campo was just named the recipient of the 2009 Nicholas Davies Memorial Scholar Award by the American College of Physicians This prestigious award is given for outstanding contributions to humanism in medicine and is bestowed on individuals in recognition of their scholarly activities in history, literature, philosophy, and ethics. As the 2009 recipient of the award, Rafael will give a lecture at the Annual ACP Session in 2009. Prior recipients of the award include Rita Charon, Abraham Verghese and Edmund Pellegrino. Rafael was nominated based on his work as a physician poet, writer and essayist, who has advocated for the teaching of humanities in medical school. He has used poetry to teach humanism to medical students here at HMS and his book “The Healing Art: A Doctors Black Bag of Poetry” has served as a model curriculum for teaching humanism to medical students using poetry nationally.

I have written about Rafael previously. Check out his website.

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