Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Grand Rounds is up

Terry offers a superb version of Grand Rounds this week at Counting Sheep. The topic is pain. In addition to excellent writing, her visual images are superb. Please check it out.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Levy,

This is not a comment on your latest update, but I've read your blog with great interest and I wanted to put forth a suggestion and request for a topic for a future post. I'm a fourth-year medical student at George Washington University, and I was curious about the career steps you took before becoming a hospital CEO. This would be very interesting to me, as I'm sure it would be to your other readers as well. Is there any advice that would you give to new medical graduates? What skill sets have you acquired that are useful in your current career, and how did you gain them? Is there anything you wish you had learned, or would have done differently early in your training?

I have a strong interest in the business of medicine and in health policy as it relates to patient care. I'm completing an MPH (int'l health policy), but I still believe I could learn and do more to prepare myself for an academic and administrative career in medicine. What are your thoughts on the role of education in training young MDs for positions of leadership, particularly within large organizations? In your view, how valuable is additional education (from an MPA or MBA program, for example) compared with real-world experience?

I know you are very busy and must receive these queries often from students like myself; however, I eagerly await any insight you may be willing to share. Thank you very much.


John Pylman

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

For starters, check out this posting I made a few months ago -- http://runningahospital.blogspot.com/2007/04/for-students-dont-collect-degrees.html -- plus several others starting "For Students" in which I cover some career advice issues. Please let me know if those do the trick.

I also want to say that a number of hospitals (including ours) will configure residency programs to give extra emphasis for hospital administrative training if that is your interest. So, as you go through the match process, you might want to add that to the list of questions you ask while on your interviews.

Please let me know if I can help more.