Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blogs are like muffins

Check out this recent conference, entitled, "The Health Blogosphere: What It Means for Policy Debates and Journalism," sponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation on July 29. Lots of interesting stuff. But my favorite quote is at minute 54:35 from Tom Rosenstiel, Director of the the Project for Excellence in Journalism:

When I think of blogs, I think blogs are like muffins They range from everything from bran to chocolate cake. They are more of a shape than they are defining a particular kind of content.... They put you in the conversation, and tonally there is a similarity to blogs.... Similarities pretty much end there.


Christian Sinclair said...

I am glad someone caught that comment. I thought it was hilarious. And fairly accurate.

Unknown said...

And most often, blogs are about as nutritious... (Not in your case though, Paul. Yours is an organic bran muffin.)

e-Patient Dave said...

My heart is filled with opportunities to play with this. First on the list: "And now, my little muffin-munchers, here's what we'll chew on today."