Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monique, live

This is a really good interview by Jeanne Blake with Monique Doyle Spencer about The Courage Muscle on About Health TV. Please watch and listen. Then, buy the book.

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Ileana said...

Hi Paul,

I ordered two copies of the book last year when you blogged about it and when one of my colleagues was diagnosed. I figured I'll keep one around the house just in case.

My sister in law just got diagnosed with breast cancer. I sent her the book and she first thought she won't like it. She read the first page and then some more and ended up finishing the whole book in one day. She laughed out loud in places and found it very interesting and informative. She had her surgery yesterday and the lymph nodes are not affected, so that's good news.

I just ordered three more books and hope I won't need any more for a very long time.

Many thanks to Monique for writing the book and to you for talking about it.