Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A change of pace

Early morning views of local mushrooms after my bike ride today. It's been hot and humid here, accounting for the little ones in the grass, but the big one (that's my size 13 shoe next to it) grows out of the same tree root every year, accompanied by three others of the same size. I am sure that our CIO-mycologist, John Halamka, who also has a relevant post today, can identify them. Right, John?


John Halamka said...

The first mushroom is Russula Emetica. You might recognize the english word "emetic" in the species name, which means to induce vomiting. A non-toxic mushroom with really unpleasant effects.

The second is a polypore known as Turkey tail. Some cultures chew it like gum to strengthen the immune system. Having tasted it, I can tell you that Wrigley's has nothing to worry about!

Anonymous said...

Ok, John, you did really well on those. Here are some more, taken by Eric in Redhook, NY: http://gallery.mac.com/ebuehrens#100008&bgcolor=black&view=grid.

John Halamka said...

Ok, you asked:

241 - Suillus Brevipes - also known as a "Poor man's peaches". Edible, but not incredible

244 - Amanita Muscaria - a psychoactive mushroom, popular with the Timothy Leary crowd. Causes vomiting and coma. To be avoided.

245 + 246 - Lactarius Fragilis - edible. I make cookies from it, which have a slight maple flavor

247 Strobilomyces floccopus - The Old Man of the Woods. Edible. Tastes like eating a toupee.

248-250 - Ramaria - Golden Coral mushroom. Causes diarrhea

251-254 - Russula Emetica - causes vomiting

257-258 - Amanita Pantherina - causes delirium

259 - Lactarius Delicioso - Edible but not Delicious

260 - A bolete of some type - likely edible

261-263 - A secondarily infected, old mushroom - hard to tell what it is

265 - Craterellus cornucopioides - the Black Chanterelle - I had these for dinner last night. They're great stir fried with rice

266 Amanita Vaginata - edible, but I would not take the risk, since Amanita species can kill you

268 Armillaria ponderosa- An American variant of Matsutake, tastes like a cross between red hot candies and sweat socks

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed! If only I had this gentleman with me when my dog decided to eat a random mushroom at the park last weekend! (He didn't seem to get sick.)

Anonymous said...

My whole yard appears to be poisonous. Since I have never seen these species before, any idea why they are now growing in New England?

Anonymous said...

I want to have dinner at John's house-- but this is a great second!