Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pump TV

On June 30, I told you about our plans to solve the pump problem using the principles of BIDMC SPIRIT. We decided to document this problem-solving process with a home-made video. Here's the first of these videos, which presents a pretty good description of some of the problems and the perspectives of a lot of people working here. I am betting that those of you who work in other hospitals will watch this and think we filmed it at your place! Stay tuned as we work through this.


Anonymous said...

This is a great video. I feel like I'm watching a story unfold and can't wait to see the ending!

Anonymous said...

I watched your video and agree it is a problem in every hospital I have ever worked in (and as a 26 year agency nurse, I have worked in well over 100) except for one. St. Vincent's Hospital on 86th Street in Indianapolis, IN has solved the pump and every other reusable supply problem. As an agency nurse I will work there for less just because the hassle of obtaining equipment is zero!!!