Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birds of a feather

Birders are trained to be alert for out-of-range birds passing through. Some of our neighbors noticed this Eurasian Teal in a nearby pond. As the name implies, this duck is way out of his territory. In addition, he was trying to court a female mallard, so I guess he was confused about lots of things.

This other unusual duck also had beautiful plumage on her head. She was seen with her parents at a nearby restaurant. Her father was a bit embarrassed by the headgear, but I thought she wore it well and, unlike the Teal, quickly attracted an admirer of the opposite sex.


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jessica lipnack said...

You got a much better pic of the Eurasian Teal than I did. Spent about 20 minutes at dusk the other night as it flew/swam toward us, then away, teasing. Very interesting birdie - the little one too.