Monday, March 02, 2009

Strength of a woman

A note from Dr. Hope Ricciotti, our residency program director in obstetrics and gynecology:

Our extraordinary OB/GYN Chief Resident Jennifer Scott recently traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. There, war has taken the form of sexual violence against women. One bright spot of hope is Panzi Hospital, which has been on the front page of the New York Times for their work in healing. Jen has been working with this group for several years. The below link to a musical slide show is quite incredible, and I thought you'd like to see what our incredible house staff do in their "spare" time.

And the note from Jen to Hope:

I thought you would enjoy seeing photos from our recent trip to Panzi. This is a slideshow created by the photographer from the Harvard Media Office. It is set to a song that was played everywhere in Bukavu while we were there. The photos are beautiful and moving and capture so much about 'the strength of a woman'. Thanks again for your support of this work.

Here's the link.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 11:49pm,

I've not posted your comment as it is not germaine to this topic. I'll consider whether to raise it publicly another day in this forum. In the meantime, I have circulated it internally for some review.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful slide show. Thanks to Hope for sharing it with you, and thanks to Jennifer, HHI and all of the extraordinary people at Panzi Hospital for their work. Going to download the song for my daughter right now!

nana said...

oh my - that was beautiful... thank you for sharing it