Monday, March 16, 2009

New Joint Commission blogger

Jim Parker, Senior Editor and Publisher at the Joint Commission, has started a new blog called Perspectives on Patient Safety. The focus of the blog is on patient safety issues, the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals, and the prevention of sentinel events. Check it out here.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up on that blog. One FAIL comment though...the blog doesn't have an RSS feed. Great content, but not having an RSS is a major FAIL.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Paul - I came across your Blog after reading the recent article “A head with a heart” in the Boston Globe. I am impressed with your hands on approach and faith in the front line folks - My kind of style!

I worked in healthcare administration/management for 35 years from age 16 until 4 years ago when I left the NHS in England to become a freelance healthcare trainer, author and consultant.

It's great to make contact – I’ve marked your Blog as a favourite.

This is my Simplicity Blog

Anonymous said...

Mr. Levy, I appreciate the mention of my blog. Thank you.

We hope to have an RSS feed up and running soon.

Take care,

Jim Parker