Saturday, March 14, 2009

In the trenches

With all the talk about the bad economy, a little humor sometimes is helpful. One of our chiefs sent the attached as a type of advice and warning about how to decide about layoffs. Caption: The economic situation has gotten so bad we may have to lay off Andre.


e-Patient Dave said...

I love it! This oughta spread.

Oh wait, it is spreading. I'm a (retroactive) visionary.

Top Google result: The Almanack, including a delicious speech by the supposed CEO about how it's all other people's fault and there's nothing management can do. :)

And that post says the photo came from the the Daily Kos. But Almanack added the speech.


Anonymous said...

Too cool. I guess the consultant is working from home...

Anonymous said...

There is more at the
The Almanack on
Our First Townhall Meeting About Layoffs. Also on The Walrus and The Carpenter.

Kay said...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is worth 9 jobs that may or may not contribute directly to Andre getting the work done.

Thanks for caring enough to take a bold stand and kudos to your employees who also stepped up to the plate, took pay cuts, gave up perks and $$$ to save jobs.

Research also shows that downsizing rarely, if ever, meets corporate expectations. It demoralizes those keep their jobs, productivity goes down and, ultimately, so does profit.