Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Our staff members show endless creativity and generosity in supporting the people who live in the Bowdoin/Geneva neighborhood of our affiliated Bowdoin Street Health Center. A note from Cathy Wirth, Healthy Food Access Coordinator:

The BSHC farmers’ market will be running from July 8th to October 28th this year. In order to attract new farmers to the market and to support our efforts to make produce available to more low-income families in the neighborhood, we are piloting a Community Supported Market program. We will be selling Community Supported Market Shares to BIDMC staff in [two of our buildings]. For $250 ($25/week for 10 weeks), we will deliver a box of produce from one of our farmers’ market growers to staff in those buildings every Friday. Included in the share price is a donation to help cover the cost of subsidized shares to be offered to low-income families near the health center. We are keeping the program very small this year and just targeting [those two sites] for logistical reasons, but if the program is successful we are interested in opening it up to a larger segment of BIDMC staff in coming years.

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