Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tour de Shuls

I just finished riding in the Tour de Shuls, a cleverly named bike ride that benefits a special program to meet the social and religious needs of developmentally challenged Jewish adolescents who attend Camp Ramah. As noted on the web site:

The Tikvah ("hope") Program provides these youth with the full Ramah experience - swimming, boating, sports, the arts, dance, dramatics, and more - under the supervision of specially trained staff.

The ride comprises several legs connecting synagogues in the Boston suburbs. It goes through some beautiful areas, and you receive friendly welcomes and refreshments at each host site. The only reported problem -- and I don't mean this in any stereotypical way! -- is that some people complain there is too much food and that they therefore gain weight from their 10-, 25-, 50-, or 75-mile ride . . .

Donations are still welcome, here.


76 Degrees in San Diego said...

This sounds like fun! How many miles did you go and how do you avoid cars(they have the advantage)?

David Harlow said...

Paul -- Sorry I missed you. I did the 75-mi ride. See you on the road! -- David