Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trek Across Maine 2010

I'm just back from riding in this year's Trek Across Maine, where I joined about 2500 other people in biking over three days from Bethel to Farmington to Waterville to Belfast (about 170 miles) in a fund-raiser for the American Lung Association of New England. The money raised supports education, research, and advocacy. In addition to the riders, there are also hundreds of volunteers who make the ride possible -- directing traffic, preparing snacks at the rest stops, handling logistics, and like this person below, loading luggage for transfer to the next stop.

Many people join the ride in teams, and some produce their own riding jerseys. I thought this was one of the more creative designs.

Families often participate, and there are special things organized for the kids, like face-painting.

This year's ride was a special one for my cousin-in-law Tom, corresponding to an unmentionable birthday. You see him here with his wife, my cousin Suzie, who joined in as a volunteer.


Anonymous said...

Next race:

That guy has some quads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but I don't do races!