Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pride and Ownership

Seen above are members of our environmental service (EVS) group. Left to right are Jean Simeon, Operating Room Lead Housekeeper (22 years at BIDMC), Christopher Valentine (5 Years), Pedro Hernandez (25 years), and Hugo Barros (2 Years). I received the following report from John Dzialo, project director in Perioperative Services, which includes the Central Processing Division. CPD is the group of people who clean surgical instruments.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been installing a new washer and decontamination unit in the West OR/CPD. The installation required some renovations to the existing space, including replacing a portion of the existing flooring. All in all the required renovations came out as planned. In looking at the ceiling tiles, many were discolored from years of exposure to the elements created within the room. It was thought best to replace them at this time. The existing walls also showed the same discoloration, which we felt took away from the overall appearance of the newly renovated area.

At one point two of the 3-11 shift EVS employees who are assigned to the OR came into the area to check up on our progress. They looked at the older section of flooring that in certain areas had become stained. They assessed the stained flooring and reassured me that they could get it cleaned to match the newer flooring. I asked them if they thought they could do something with the walls as well which they once again replied that they would make them look new.

When I returned the next day to do my assessment of how the installation was going, I immediately observed the "stain free" floor and the beautifully cleaned walls and cabinets. Later in the day, at the change of shift I met up with the EVS staff to thank them for a job well done. When we were looking at their work, we talked about the ceiling tiles and how much cleaner the new ones make the area look. When we decided to change all the ceiling tiles we did not take into consideration to replace the supporting grids. When EVS staff noticed how much the discoloration of the grids took away from the new ceiling tiles, they took it upon themselves to hand clean all of the grids (not a quick and easy task to complete).

The "Pride and Ownership" exhibited by the 3-11 OR EVS staff was over whelming . They certainly could have limited their work to the few areas that we identified as needing attention. They took it upon themselves to not only complete the additional work requested but to broaden the overall scope to what they felt should also be done.

What we see often is the end results of a new piece of equipment being installed. What often does not get recognized is the pride and commitment of others that played a significant supporting role in the completion of a project. The pride and commitment exhibited by the EVS staff in their supportive role in the completion of this project is a value that can only be described as "Priceless".


Anonymous said...

Well done, gentlemen!

catsandmusic said...

As a former BIDMC OR person, I remember all of the cpd and core techs with fondness. They have a hard job and do it with grace. Now that the hospital is on better financial footing, why not upgrade their jobs and give them some material appreciation as well.

~Mary said...

This is exactly what Joe Tye describes in The Florance Prescription-pride and ownership! The EVS staff has it-especially these 3-11 guys! Way to go guys!!