Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Books to consider -- II

Continuing our attempt to offer gifts more topical than those mentioned below, I offer two more recent books for your consideration. I'm sorry I cannot include all that I have received. Feel free to mention yours in a comment if you want to self-refer.

Lois Kelly, author of Be the Noodle, Fifty ways to be a compassionate, courageous, crazy-good caregiver, starts by noting:

This morning, approximately 50 million people, mostly women, woke up to a job they never wanted and have no training for -- caring for a loved one who is dying.

This little book then provides pithy lessons and helpful suggestions to those in this situation.

Social media practitioners are very familiar with the work of David Meerman Scott. They and social media wannabees will find Real-Time Marketing and PR a valuable tool. He notes, "Awareness of information as it happens, in real time, can give you an enormous competitive advantage - - if you know how to use it." A few chapter headings will give you a sense of what's up in this book to help you get there:

Speed versus Sloth: Dispatches from the Front
Laying Down Some Real-Time Law
Real-Time Attitude
Tap the Crowd for Quick Action
Business at the Speed of Now

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David Meerman Scott said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my new book Paul. All the best to you for a great 2011.