Saturday, December 18, 2010

Manly gifts for Christmas

I was listening to Tom and Ray on Car Talk today and heard their suggestions for Christmas gifts for guys. You can listen to that here, show #1051. Suggestions included, "Two words no guy can resist: ratchet and socket." Also, a cordless drill -- "You can never have too many" -- and other manly items.

I was attentive because just yesterday a colleague told me of his household's pattern. My friend who is, shall I say, a boring dresser, each year is given many items of clothing by his wife. His practice has been to unwrap each box, but then store it unopened in his closet.

This year, in the spirit of frugality, he said to his wife, "You know, if you just take the boxes from my closet and re-wrap them, when I open them on Christmas morning, I won't even suspect they are the same gifts, because I never knew what was in the boxes anyway."

This being family television, I dare not describe his wife's response.


Anonymous said...

Some things between the sexes never change! Reminds me of the quote about the definition of insanity....


Maureen said...

From Facebook: My favorite of the Car Talk gifts for a guy was the label maker....just picked up a few for the men on my list!