Thursday, December 02, 2010

Glad we could help!

No further comment needed.


rlbates said...


Marilyn said...

This is what it is all about!

e-Patient Dave said...

No further comment needed, but that never stopped me.

This is why I love healthcare. Or medicine. Or life-saving.

More than once I've turned to the people caring for me and thanked them for the decisions they made in their lives, to go into medicine, to do the work it took to get there, to do the learning that enabled them to take care of me.

On a related note, Regina Holliday this week has a wonderful guest post on caregiving, particularly at end of life. Heartwarming.

Anonymous said...

From Facebook:

Hieu: That is so sweet!!!! ♥

Joanna: ♥ LOVE THIS!!!

Elizabeth:This is why we all come to work. Thank you for sharing this!

Mary: That is just precious!!!!

Sharon: Ohhh this is so cute. Out of the mouth of babes.

Shainoor: Priceless....Love it. Thank you for sharing.

Juliana: WOW!!! Good compassionate caring....BIDMC, WORD!!!

Meeyoung: Nice!!!!

BM said...

That is what it is all about! Good for BIDMC.

Scotty said...

Paul, thank you for posting this. It truly warmed my heart!

RalfLippold said...

Wonderful :-)