Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Degrees of freedom

As you know, I don't often write about commercial ventures here, but from time to time, one that has a broader public service mission emerges. Here's the latest, recently announced.

A company called Two Degrees is marketing a new, nutrition bar.* That's nothing special (although it does taste good**), but what is special that for every one they sell, they will produce and distribute -- working with Partners in Health -- a nutritional pack to a hungry child in the world. The nutritional packs themselves are manufactured locally, so the company is creating jobs in the areas being served. Here's more information about those packs.

"Nutrition packs are revolutionary treatments for severe and chronic malnutrition. Known as Ready-to-Use Food (RUF), these nutrition packs have been endorsed by the World Health Organization and treat chronic and severely malnourished children with up to 95% success rates. As convenient packs that do not require water or refrigeration, they have shifted the treatment of hungry children from doctors in hospitals to a community-based model focused on mothers in homes."

* Disclosure: My friend Lauren Walters is a founder, but I have no financial interest in the company.
** The other founder's grandmother says: "I can't believe how good this is! I usually don't eat bars unless they have the word 'candy' in front of them."


Anonymous said...

I have tried these bars and they are excellent. But what appeals to me most is the mission - the idea that you are not only eating for yourself but feeding needy others at the same time.

nana said...

can one buy them locally? (Boston) instead of having to order online? very good idea and like the low sodium content !!

Unknown said...

Nana--Two Degrees Bars are available at JuJu in Concord and in about 10 days at Blue State Coffee on Comm Ave in Boston

nana said...

thanks Margaret - look forward to finding them - my husband (70, a runner & RN) eats bars almost by the truckload and is very wary of sodium which limits his options - this sounds like a good one