Saturday, March 10, 2012

How not to inspire

I refereed a number of children's futsal games this morning.  During a break, I was in the corridor outside the gym and heard the following:

Father to his nine year old daughter, after her team won 7-1. "Use the space you have on the field and move around. You were getting lazy."

Daughter, flushed and tired from the game, says, holding back tears, "I wasn't getting lazy, Dad."

He had already turned away and was not listening.


Anonymous said...

The dad was lazy, no time to parent.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon! He would have been OK with his first sentence, but blew it when he made the pejorative comment in his second, and then didn't look/listen for what Paul saw - the feedback. Missed his chance for a truly teachable moment.

Jeff said...

I could raise another kid...send her to me.

Maxine said...

From Facebook:

Parents who say anything but, "You were great, I'm so proud," should not be allowed to go to games. I have no idea what my grandchildren, nieces or nephews are doing, but I know damn well they are doing it wonderfully.

June said...

It breaks my sad.