Thursday, March 22, 2012

Robins creates Muscle Angels

Some companies arise out of personal travails. As I continue my occasional series about local health care entrepreneurs, I want to report on one such case, Muscle Angel Massagers.  The company came about because Susan Robins had such bad tendonitis that she could not even lift a pencil to write or turn a key in a door, much less play her beloved cello with the Longwood Symphony.  She needed a therapeutic device that she could use anywhere, hands free, and requiring no electricity.  No engineer by training, she nonetheless designed and figured out how to fabricate this handy tool.

It turns out that you can use it for all kinds of injuries and rehabilitation, from strained IT bands to lower back pain, to jaw pain, to plantar fasciitis.  Athletes and "normal people" have found it to be great for their strains and aches.

Here is a video with a general introduction to the product:

And here is a video of "advanced techniques" for injured athletes, dancers, and the like.

If you can't see the videos, click here.

The product is available on Amazon and at a growing number of retailers, health clubs, and spas.

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