Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring in Boston!

Winter never came this year, but Spring has arrived!


Pamela Ressler said...

Loved this Boston "winter" and now on to spring :-)

e-Patient Dave said...

Winter never came to YOU, maybe, but southern New Hampshire had it before Halloween - el blizzardo, including lengthy & cold power outage!

Mind you, I learned about this while I was at a conference at Mayo ... I had not seen news coverage for days (I get really immersed in events), and when I called my wife she was NOT happy that I sounded so casual, "Hi, howaya??" We were about two minutes into "What are you so upset about??" "It's COLD!!" etc, before she said "THE BLIZZARD!"

I'm so happy winter happened in N.H. while I was, ironically, in pleasant weather ... in Minnesota.