Friday, March 16, 2012

New contest for young soccer players

Let's see if we can all get together to counteract the kind of behavior we see in the post below and also milder versions of the same.  We'll try to make a dent with a new contest that I am announcing.  Only youth soccer players between ages 11 and 14 (inclusive) are eligible to participate.  Children from all parts of the world are welcome to participate.

Once a month during the soccer season, I will announce a topic for a guest blog post.  If you have a son or daughter who plays the sport and meets the age limits above, he or she is eligible to submit an entry of 700 words or fewer on the topic I have set forth.  The entry can take the form of an essay or a poem.  The entry MUST be submitted by the child's parent or guardian, saying that they approve of the child's participation in the contest.

I, along with a small group of coaches and referees, will judge the entries, and we will pick a winner from among the girls and another winner from among the boys.  The two winning entries will then be posted on my companion blog, Goal Play!, for the world to read.  In addition, I will make a personal contribution of $50 each to a sports-related or education-related non-profit designated by each the two winners.  I may also, from time to time, quote entries from other participants on my blogs, articles, and books and in my speeches.

Here's how you play:  Send the entry by the designated date to this email:  goalplayleadership [at] gmail [dot] com.  The parent must include the following message, and provide a phone number in case any questions arise:

"This essay or poem is being submitted by my son/daughter [name] in response to your topic.  I certify that my child is [number] years old.  I understand that, if this essay or poem is chosen as a winner, it will be posted on your blog Goal Play!  If my child's essay is chosen as a winner, s/he would like you to donate $50 to the following non-profit organization:  [Name, address].  I understand that the judges' decisions are final.  I waive all copyright rights of my child's submission, whether or not it is chosen as a winning entry."

The first topic is this:

My favorite coach ever is or was [name].  Let me tell you why.

The deadline for entries is Saturday, March 24 at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Good luck to all of our young players!

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