Friday, May 11, 2007

I'll take two!

An ad I received yesterday. A glimpse at hospital billing for those of you unfamiliar. I think I'd better buy the one with the answer key! (That's me in the chair to the right after a briefing on these matters by my CFO . . .)

The Official Guide for Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

The first textbook that helps HIM professionals, college instructors and students understand the differences between the UB-04 and the UB-92 and provides a global view of how the billing function should work in conjunction with the coding department. The Handbook provides accurate and timely information about the UB-04 and explains how and why ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS code conventions must be integrated with UB-04, HCFA-1450 and CMS-1450 billing conventions. It enables hospitals and other health care provider organizations to maximize claim processing performance and revenue recovery and better manage their revenue cycle process.

The Handbook shows how to complete a facility UB-04 billing form, and contains vignettes that explain the billing office process, its components and reporting nuances. It contains 65 quizzes that can be used for self-testing, for performance evaluations or classwork assignments.

The UB-04 Handbook will help HIM staff understand that coding conventions for billing are as important as ICD-9 coding conventions when sending a claim to an insurance company or payer and ensure that members of accounting, admitting, quality management departments understand how their contributions to the revenue cycle must be translated by billers to fit changing UB-04 Form Locator codes.

A Facility Billing, Charging, and Reimbursement Reference & Training Manual for: Hospitals, Skilled nursing facilities, Durable medical equipment agencies, Behavioral health & chemical treatment agencies, Surgery centers, Ambulatory surgery centers, Subacute and LTC facilities, Hospice organizations, Health Plans

Available With & Without Answer Key
UB-04 Handbook for Hospital Billing, With Answer KeyAHA Order Number 061177403 pages, 8.5 x 11, soft coverISBN: 978-1-55648-346-2$125 (AHA Members, $109)
UB-04 Handbook for Hospital Billing, Without Answer KeyAHA Order Number 061178368 pages, 8.5 x 11, soft coverISBN: 978-1-55648-347-3$110 (AHA Members, $99)


Anonymous said...

We may have just discovered a new tool in the battle against insomnia!

Toni Brayer MD said...

Absolutely mind-numbing! It should be named "UB-miserable".

Dave said...

Open letter to Mr. Levy:

How is it that you have the time to blog while running a hospital? Have you run into any negative reactions from the faculty or others within the hospital? It would seem fairly high risk when attempting to gain and retain respect with employees, peers, and others who inevitably may be affected or left with an impression by your musings. As a member of senior management in an investment firm in the private sector, I can undoubtedly state that the reaction to my taking the time to be on the internet each day would be perceived as unacceptable by my colleagues, my Board, and by shareholders. Indeed, I can't even risk writing my full name here. Sharing one's thoughts within one's own organization is vital and important, but opining in stream-of-consciousness fashion on all things publicly seems somewhat reckless and is easily (mis?)interpretrable as narcissism. Have you encountered this opinion before from your colleagues or others and what has been your response/ explanation? It's fascinating to me that you would feel the compulsion to do it.

Kind regards,


Paul Levy said...


See reply in blog post above.