Thursday, May 31, 2007


After reading about several blogs that have been discontinued, I recently checked out all the blogs to which I have been linking and have deleted those that no longer exist or have been inactive for a very long time. (By the way, here is a really interesting story about one.)

If I inadvertently knocked yours off or if you would like me to add a new one, please send it along and I am happy to consider it.

Many thanks to the dozens of you who link to mine. It is great to be part of this worldwide community.


Paul Levy said...

Dear sriseshan,

I did not post the link you sent because it is commercial in nature.

Dave said...

I heard about the famous Dr. Flea this morning. Being curious, I read some of his blog (yes, its down, but if you know how to use Google, you can read it nonetheless!). I now understand why his lawyer settled the case as soon as his blogger identity was revealed. In some ways, blogging in public, as you do, is much safer!

Charles Maynard said...

Paul, I'd like you to consider linking to BLOG Medicine at

I enjoy reading your insights and would happily add you as a link.

-Charles Maynard

Paul Levy said...

Happy to do so!