Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monster Dolls

People entering my office are often surprised to see this two-headed creature. This and the other are creations -- in fabric, polymer clay, wood, and acrylic paint -- of a very talented young artist named Jennifer Feller. Jenny is a graduate of Mass College of Art and is trying to get her career started as a professional artist. I was happy to help her along with her first sale (personal money, not hospital money!) Check out her full portfolio at http://homepage.mac.com/mikefeller/jenny_feller/.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the post after this about the BCBS blog? I subscribe to the RSS feed, and so I got a post re: HCH Connections, a blog by an Executive Vice President at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA. But now it looks like the blog is gone and you have deleted the post refering to it? Did he get censured for it or something?

Anonymous said...

He had mistakenly put it in the public comain, and so then moved it to the company's intranet.