Friday, June 01, 2007

Is it sponsored by the NHS?

Apropos of the post below on the National Health Service in the UK, I have found one of the ways they ensure a hefty census of patients. Here is the website that describes it all, entitled, Daredevils face danger in cheese chase race. Yes, a cheese race.

Highlights of the article:

Dozens of madcap competitors risked their necks on Monday for a shot at glory in one of Britain's most barmy annual events -- chasing a rolling cheese down a steep hill.

Jason Crowther from Pembrokeshire, west Wales, won the first of the five bone-crunching races to complete a hat-trick of victories over the last three years. "There's no training you can do for this," said the battered 25-year-old, proudly clutching the seven-to-eight pound (3-3.5 kilogramme) cheese.

Oddball Japanese television personality Daisuki Miyazaw, 34, claimed second place in one race. Seemingly dazed, he said: "We are strong, but it hurts so much," before hobbling off for medical treatment.


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Thanks, John, for the video enhancement!

Steve Pashley said...

Perhaps it ought to be sponsored by the NHS. Afterall, happiness is the new wellness!

Thanks for the mention.


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Proof that you don't need to be smart to have a universal health insurance program.........

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