Sunday, March 29, 2015

Art in Giving

The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation is a small organization, created in memory of a young girl who died from brain cancer, dedicated to funding research in pediatric cancers and helping families cope with childhood cancer..  The foundation has engaged in an innovative way to raise money, called Art in Giving.

It's a simple concept.  If you are, say, the developer of a new office building, hospital, research laboratory, or university, you likely have a budget to purchase art to decorate the walls and hallways.  Instead of buying your art through regular channels, you meet with one of the volunteer curators who work with Art in Giving, and they help you find art from their catalog.  The artists have agreed to donate half of the price of the paintings or sculpture to the Markoff Foundation.

Here's a three minute video that describes it all.

Please contact the foundation if you have a new or older building or office or laboratory that might want to be a participant in this worthwhile program.

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