Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Minute for Medicine

Several of my buddies associated with the Telluride Patient Safety camps have started a new venture called Minute for Medicine to provide useful video clips to hospitals.  Produced by Solid Line Media, the offering includes 52 one-minute episodes containing quick, entertaining hits on several different hospital operational areas that are key to providing the safe and high quality care to patients. These videos can then be displayed to staff as part of an ongoing quality and safety program.

As noted:

Separated into 7 easy to follow categories, topics range from Shared Decision Making to Hand Hygiene, and everything in between. The videos are short, fun and entertaining. But most importantly, these videos remind healthcare professionals to think about important patient safety topics every week.

The idea is that many hospitals and health systems that are engaged in the quality and safety journey do not have the wherewithal to develop these kinds of materials from scratch.  So this is a way to provide a simple, turnkey solution to share such information without having to develop it themselves.  Each episode can be customized with the customer's logo in several spots within the video animation and can be hosted both internally and online on its YouTube channel or webpage.

You can see a sample and the full listing of topics here

(Note:  I have no financial interest in this venture.  I'm just hoping my friends are successful!)

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