Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Valuing introverts

Please take a look at a new article I posted at the athenahealth Health Leadership Forum.  I welcome comments there and here.


Tom DeSimone said...

Having read Susan Cain's book, Quiet, couldn't agree more with your comments on introverts. Another area of impact is the so called Open Office which is so prevalent today in workplace design. The protection of the introvert process needs to be a key design element of such spaces.

Daniel M Torres said...

From Facebook:

Interesting. In retrospect, my co chief resident was an introvert, I am the opposite. There were many times where having her to help negotiate difficult political situations with the residents was invaluable. I guess in the "back room deal" kind of setting. The two of us had excellent communication and made a transitional year in our dept go much smoother I think.

Also I would say a huge number of people in the medical field are really introverted. I found that if I didn't sit down with individuals before a group meeting I never found out what people were really thinking.