Monday, March 30, 2015

More than a Hallmark moment

I'm such a cynic about National ** Day (where ** is some profession or other.)  I really believe that most of these "holidays" were created to sell greeting cards, and maybe also roses and candy.  I also think that days like National Secretary's Day, for example, are pretty insulting, in that every day of the year should be cause for appreciation of people and their professions.

So it was with a touch of sarcasm that I posted on Facebook and Twitter the following query:

It's National Doctors Day. How do you plan to celebrate? Kiss your PCP? Send a Hallmark card? Pay your co-pay at time of visit? Adhere to a prescription? File an advance directive?

Who would have thought that this would prompted a cascade of true appreciation?  So very sweet.  Here's a sample:

Say a silent thank you to all the doctors I've worked with over the years and a special thanks to the one who figured out what I needed when I was at my lowest.

Remember what an amazing neurologist and heart surgeon I had at BIDMC.

I have the privilege of working at BIDMC and will say thank you to all the "white coats" and even the residents I come across today as they are the doctors of tomorrow once they pass their Boards!

Simply say, thank you. Most don't hear it enough, especially these days.

Don't kiss your PCP-do a fist bump and a big thank you.

See your doc as a human who also carries a heavy burden. Treat them as such. Offer a hug and encouragement.

And, finally!

First, I'll remind them that nurses have helped get them where they are today, and that our week comes in May! Next, I think I'll schedule my annual mammogram and eye exam to help boost my PCP's quality scores. 


Anonymous said...

We provided pizzas to our surgeons (at their clinic) and also provided pizzas in our lounge for the medicine docs. One of my colleagues brought in Pakistani curry and naan, which was gratefully received. The fact that these foods were provided by nurses to the physicians was not missed and it goes a long ways towards collegiality and camaraderie. We got lots of thanks from the physicians, and it wasn't because of the food: it was because of the gesture. One Fight, One Team.

Anonymous said...

I provided not only cards but homemade goodies to my doctors. I say thanks to them and I'll be taking care of the nurses this year too. I never forget my good ones. Have a bad one and a few follow their orders, and you'll appreciate what you have.