Monday, October 22, 2007

Geekdoctor arrives!

I'd like to recommend a new blog, started by our indefatigable CIO, John Halamka. I am absolutely confident that people in the health care world -- and beyond -- will find it full of extremely useful ideas and thoughtful approaches to the information world of health care . . . and beyond.


Unknown said...

I've read through his first 2 posts, and I'm a little disappointed. If I want a how to on security or health security standards I can go to any numerous place on the web.

Its the challenges and observances of the person themselves that makes blogs such as yours interesting. If I came here and you were listing off rules and regulations for hospitals I probably wouldn't come back.

CIO is a challenging job, I'm more interested in what makes him tick rather than security standards. Maybe thats what he wants to gear towards though.

Anonymous said...

Darn , I thought it really was named Geekdoctor! Great name! (:

Ileana said...

Hey, you can't judge a blog from 2 posts! Give the guy a chance!

I think those two posts were apropriate responses to our questions for Paul. Keep going, John! And yes, we would also like to hear about your chalenges and observances (of course running HITPS is a chalenge in itself ;) )

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ileana. And, knowing John, I can guarantee you are in for variety and a treat.

Jim Sabin said...

Thanks for pointing us to John Halamka's fascinating new blog. My area of special interest is health care organizational ethics, and I am a vintage non-techie, but I found the blog very readable and of broad interest. It isn't just for geeks!

Anonymous said...

I liked the way to gave feedback.
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